About Anne

Welcome to my publication page!

I am a 47 year old lesbian living in Southern California with my wife and son. I was born in a small town in Missouri and later transplanted to Chicago because I wanted to be surrounded with more diversity.  I spent twenty years there and then my wife and I decided to move our family to California.

Our son Bobby is nine years old and has Down syndrome. While he has his fair share of medical and developmental challenges, my current biggest parenting issue is how I as an introvert support the raging extrovert that he is. At the end of the day, the Down syndrome diagnosis just doesn’t define him as much as his goofy sense of humor and his openness to new people and experiences.

Professionally I spent fifteen years as a data analyst in the market research industry. I’d probably still be there if anxiety and depression hadn’t made my mental wellness incompatible with corporate work. So now instead of analyzing data, I analyze the behavior and emotions of people around me and hopefully help my readers see the world from a different point of view.

My publications:

Parenting a Child with Special Needs

Self-Actualization and Mothering a Boy with a Disability, Complex Child, April 2018

The Unfixable Heart Defect: Confronting Life Expectancy, Complex Child, January 2018

How Your Biases Keep You From Understanding My Son with Down Syndrome : RoleReboot, October 2017

The Mother Who Hopes She Dies Before her Nine-year-old son : Kidspot, April 2017

Let’s Tell The Truth About Down Syndrome and Abortion: RoleReboot, March 2017

A Child’s Grief: Explaining Death to Children with Special Needs : Complex Child, January 2017

The Positive Aspects of Stimming : Complex Child, December 2016

Finding Shelter : Mamalode, November, 2016

I thought my neighbor was insulting my Down syndrome son. I was wrong : Kidspot, August 2016

What the LGBTQ Community Taught Me About Parenting My Son With Down Syndrome : RoleReboot, July 2016

Mom : The One Thing Parents of Kids With Special Needs Really Need : Chicago Special Parent Magazine, Summer 2016

On Being Fat and Having a Son who Doesn’t Eat : RoleReboot, February, 2016

When A Feeding Tube is Forever : Complex Child E-magazine, February 2016

Talking To Your Children About Disability : RoleReboot, January 2016

Selective IgM Deficiency : Complex Child E-magazine, January, 2016

Freedom For A Boy And His Dog : Third Place Winner of the 2016 Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Contest

How My Partner and I Protect Our Son From Sexual Abuse: RoleReboot, July 2015, republished in The Mighty

Life as Therapy: Finding the Balance between Summer Play and Therapy : Complex Child E-Magazine, July 2015

When A School Administrator Doubted the Ability of My Son With Down Syndrome: The Mighty, June 2015

Why I Don’t Want My Child To Be More Alike Than Different : The Mighty, April 2015

For Parents With a Newly Diagnosed Child with Down Syndrome : Washington Post, March 2015

When My Two Year Old With Down Syndrome Met a Grown Up Like Him at the Hair Salon : The Mighty, February 2015

Why My Son Doesn’t Care About Christmas : RoleReboot, December 2014

What Scares Me About the Death With Dignity Debate : RoleReboot, November 2014, republished by Quartz

On Learning My Son Had Down Syndrome : RoleReboot, September 2014

Stop The Platitudes About My Son with Down Syndrome : Chicago Parent, May 2014

Parenting/Family Life

The Problem with Daddy-Daughter dances and Other Gender Specific School Events : RoleReboot, May 2017

‘I’m Not That Kind of Mother’: On Being an Analytical, not Emotional Parent : RoleReboot, May 2016

Why I Unapologetically Post About My Son On Facebook : RoleReboot, March 2016

Why My Son Doesn’t Need a Father : RoleReboot, March, 2016, republished by Kidspot

Reasons Not To Have A Second Child : RoleReboot, January, 2016

Why I’m Raising My Son Without Religion : RoleReboot, December 2015

How I’m Teaching My Son to Apologize (And Mean It) : RoleReboot, November, 2015

Stop Using Your Child as a Billboard for Your Religious Beliefs: RoleReboot, August 2015

We Need To Stop Forcing Parents Into Predetermined Roles : RoleReboot, July 2015

Why I Still Call Her My Partner And Not My Wife : RoleReboot, January 2015

Am I Raising A Narcissist? : RoleReboot, March, 2015, republished by Mammamia

Feminism / LGBTQ issues

About The Elementary School Teacher Who Discussed Her Sexual Orientation With Her Students : RoleReboot, April 2018

Calling Out Famous Men For Sexual Misconduct is Good, But It’s Not Enough, November 2017

To All The Women Saying #NotMe : RoleReboot, October 2017

When The Choice to Become A Parent is Vilified : RoleReboot, August 2017

Gay in the Age of Trump : RoleReboot, June 2017

Melania and Ivanka Trump Are What’s Wrong with Western Feminism : RoleReboot, May 2017

My Son Can’t Tell The Difference Between Boys and Girls : RoleReboot, November 2016

What Straight Allies Need to Realize About Pride : RoleReboot June, 2016

Like Her Or Not, Hillary Clinton’s Nomination is A Blow Against Male Privilege : RoleReboot, June, 2016

‘Lover’, ‘Partner’, ‘Main Squeeze’: Introducing Your Significant Other In the Age of Diversity : RoleReboot, May, 2016

About that All Male Late Night Television Line up: RoleReboot, September 2015

What the Owen Labrie Trial Says About Rape Culture is Country: RoleReboot, August 2015

How the Pro-choice Movement is Working Against Itself : RoleReboot, May, 2015

How Upholding Traditional Marriage Benefits Rich White Men : RoleReboot, April, 2015

Why The Story Of Samuel Forrest And His Baby With Down Syndrome is Making Headlines : RoleReboot, February 2015

Childhood trauma and Mental Health

The Moment I Realized my Mental Illness was Bigger than Me, RoleReboot, August, 2016

How I Help My Son Manage His Anxiety : RoleReboot, April 2016

How Shock Therapy Made My Depression Worse : RoleReboot, February, 2016

Grieving During the Holidays : RoleReboot, November, 2015, republished by Mamamia

I Had It All and I Was Miserable: RoleReboot, October, 2015

Forgiving My Mother : Brain, Child Magazine, February, 2015, republished by RoleReboot

Grieving During the Holidays : RoleReboot, November, 2015, republished by Mamamia

The Rest Of It

What Animals Can Teach Our Kids About Consent : Role Reboot, December 2017

You Don’t Have To Spend the Holidays With Your Family : RoleReboot, November, 2017

America is Defined By Both Houston and Charlottesville : RoleReboot, August 2017

Thanksgiving in Trump’s America : RoleReboot, November 2016

When My Nanny Speaks in Riddles : Blunt Moms, November 2016

With Privilege Comes Responsibility, But How Much Responsibility? : RoleReboot, October 2015




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